I am a London-based novelist, seeking the services of a Literary Agent. Primarily writing for a Junior and Young Adult audience, I was inspired to write after reading the 'Alex Rider' series as a teenager. For me, 'Stormbreaker' really was a life-changing book! Many years later, I'm hoping to fullfil a life's dream and publish a fiction series of my own.


About Mark Richardson

Thanks for stopping by my website! I've been writing fiction for a very long time. I enjoy it so much I guess I will always do it, wherever and in whatever form it ends up taking me!  

So far I'm the author of three finished novels. These are The Network (Book I of the Aaron Delom Series) The Ghost at Brooklands and Operation Chequered Flag (Book I of the Scott Gibson Series). You can read extracts of each of these here on my website. My current writing project is Book II of the Aaron Delom Series

I'm lucky enough to have had some interesting and varied jobs. My work in technology companies was a big inspiration for The Network. Working as part of the Mercedes Formula One team also partly inspired Operation Chequered Flag

I've written and worked for the BBC on programmes including BBC NewsroundBBC Radio Times and BBC Blast. I'm a big fan of comedy and theatre and have been lucky to have performed and had my worked performed at London's Soho Theatre through the Soho Theatre Young Company

I'm really interested in design and graphic media. I designed and built this website and a lot of the artwork I've made for the novels. I hope you like it!