Model is the world’s leading technology company selling the coolest mobile phones. At the same time Model launch their latest phone, ‘Model 7’ something terrible happens. A Model Prototype (a mobile phone with advanced and potentially dangerous technology) goes missing at Model’s American Research Facility.

Aaron Delom thinks he is just another person in the queue for the London launch of Model 7. He and his best friend Kwame have queued for days to get to the very front. Little does Aaron know it, his long hours of queueing will be rewarded with far more than just a brand-new Model phone. Without realising it, Aaron Delom has joined 'The Network'...    



The inspiration for The Network came from three things really. Firstly I've been lucky enough to work on some really great technology products. Probably top of the list was launching Aurasma an 'Augmented Reality' app. It does some pretty cool things linking the physical world with the virtual. To see some examples, click here!    

Secondly we live in a technology-obsessed world. It's inevitable that mobile phones are only going to get more and more impressive and sophisticated. In The Network a mobile-phone company develops a really advanced Prototype phone. I wanted to see how far could this technology go and what could be the consequences of it.

Thirdly as a teenager, I loved the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz. Like Anthony, I really wanted to write about a young character who inadvertently becomes caught up in some testing and often treacherous adventures. In a sense, I wanted to write something that the younger version of myself would have picked up and really wanted to read. 




The next book I'm writing in the Aaron Delom series is called The Watchman. Stay tuned for more news!