Funny Frog 1 copy.jpg


Words by Mark Richardson
Illustrations by Helen Richardson

Funny Frog loved nothing more than to make people smile. He’d stand up on stage and tell jokes for a while.  

Laughing Lioness was Funny Frog’s friend. “Where do you get your ideas?” she asked “the jokes never end!”  

One day Funny Frog had a brand new show. He said “I’ll make everyone chuckle with the jokes that I know. 

I’ll talk in the microphone and wear my favourite bow-tie. I’ve got so many jokes that they’ll laugh and they’ll cry!   

Before the show, Funny Frog practiced on the stage by the lake. When he shouted, ‘I’ve lost my microphone! Oh what a mistake!’ 

He saw Self-Centred Swan and asked for her help. “Do you have a spare microphone, Swan?” he said with a yelp.  

Can’t you see” said Self-Centred Swan I’ve got feathers to brush? I can’t help you out when I’m in such a rush!  

Funny Frog saw Polite Pelican who was coming to the show. “Can you help me find my microphone he asked “it’s gone missing you know!”  

Polite Pelican searched and he sifted and he checked on the ground. “I think we need more help he said “If you microphone can be found.”  

“I’ve got just the friend” he said “who can help us out here. He’s very clever at looking. His name’s Detective Deer.” 

“Detective Deer” they said “Can you help throw some light, Funny Frog’s lost his microphone and he needs it tonight!” 

Of course I’ll help said Detective Deer “Let’s start our quest. I’ll help you look and we’ll sort out this mess! 

Detective Deer checked at the lake with his magnifying glass. Where was the place you had your microphone last?” 

Funny Frog thought and tried hard to recall. “It was down by the river at the big waterfall!” 

Detective Deer scribbled down the story in his special notebook. “Let’s get to the waterfall to take a quick look!” 

Detective Deer checked at the waterfall, but there was nothing to be found. Until Funny Frog listened and heard a peculiar sound.   

“Hang on, what was that strange noise?” croaked funny frog. “It appears to be coming from behind that log!” 

They could hear someone singing and banging, it was a strange funny shout. They couldn’t work out what all the excitement was about, 

Detective Deer led them in order to see...

Elated Elephant singing as loud as could be! 

“Elated Elephant” asked Funny Frog “Where did you find my microphone?” “You let me borrow it said Elated Elephant to do a show of my own!” 

 Now I remember!” Said Funny Frog Oh no, how careless of me! That must have slipped my memory.  

Funny Frog did his show and everyone laughed and they cried, “You’re the Funniest Frog!” then they said their goodbyes.   

And with that, the animals all went to bed, Excited for the adventures of the next day ahead…